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Bangladesh has inherited a living dance tradition which reflects the evolution of South Asian dance through the ages, from classical times down to the present day. It is characterised by variety, versatility and richness of form and content. Transcending linguistic and political barriers, it is part of the world’s cultural heritage.

Shibli Mohammad and Shamim Ara Nipa have been performing together for many years. As leading exponents of Indian classical dance, they are well known for their exquisite performances of Kathak, but are equally proficient in folk and creative (contemporary) dance. Their professional partnership is legendary – no other dance duo in Bangladesh has approached them in popularity and no major cultural event is complete without them. With their seemingly effortless co-ordination of movement, the chemistry between them is clear for all to see.

Their collaboration led to the formation of Nrityanchal Dance Company in 2000, in conjunction with the late Muhammad Jahangir, who, with his long experience in the fields of media and culture, co-ordinated the company’s activities.

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